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Lecture Series 2017

UC Riverside University Theatre ( Humanities 400) April-May 2018
April 5:The Hope And Threat of Human Gene Editing

Martin Garcia-Castro, Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences, UC Riverside School of Medicine

April 12: Feeding the World: From Mendel to CRISPR

Carolyn Rasmussen, Assistant Professor of Plant and Cell Biology, UC Riverside College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

April 19: LEGO, Language, and the Life of Bacteria

Ansel Hsiao, Assistant Professor of Microbiology, UC Riverside College of Natural and gricultural Sciences

May 10: Implications of Genetic Modifications in Humans and Other Organisms (Include Panel Discussion with Series' Speakers)

Carl Cranor, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, UC Riverside College of Humanities and Social Sciences

GFI: Global Food Initiative Outreach and Lectures 

A systemwide lecture series on healthy students, healthy campuses and healthy communities to raise the profile of food and health interface issues as an integrated part of our daily lives, starting locally and building globally.

2017 Lectures