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Symposium Kicks Off New Microbiome Initiative for UCR

The UCR Microbiome “Initiative,” a new program meant to bring researchers together who focus on the microbiome from around the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS), the Bourns College of Engineering (BCOE) and the School of Medicine (SOM), held its Inaugural Symposium and Datablitz on Sept. 27.

Roughly 90 people attended from about 22 different labs/PIs, 9 graduate programs, 10 departments, 3 colleges and 3 centers.

The cross-campus interactions centered around a common theme — the microbes that co-inhabit plants, insects and other animals.

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Pictures from the event are posted on the CAFE facebook page. Join CAFE on Facebook!




Through its research and educational outreach, the UCR Microbiome Initiative is part of the National Microbiome Initiative which is advancing microbiome science in ways that will benefit individuals, communities and the planet.

The motivation for this initiative here at the University of California, Riverside is to catalyze and bring together UCR’s talent working on microbiome related research. There is a big effort at UCR on understanding microbiome, the interaction between microbial communities and a host (plant, insect, worm, mammals) and/or the environment.  UCR have ongoing programs and activities but faculty working on this topic are spread across many departments and colleges - College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS), School of Medicine (SOM) and Bourns College of Engineering (BCOE).


To facilitate integration, to help people find each other and collaborate, to better use and share resources among labs, enhance infrastructures and to create training activities for students.

"This could be a very useful template for future events to help jumpstart the interdisciplinary interactions among faculty that are the strength of UCR,” said Divisional Dean of Life Sciences, Frances M. Sladek. "Faculty in attendance found common ground that will lead to additional workshops, joint projects and grants."



The new National Microbiome Initiative aims to advance microbiome science in ways that will benefit individuals, communities, and the planet.

Click here to learn more about Federal involvement in microbiome research, and about all of the commitments and announcements being made.

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